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Jason went to the show last night in Dallas and posted a huge blog about his amazing experience there.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Idol Reunion in Dallas

I have such a blessed life. Last night I went to see all my old friends again in Dallas. MJ was gracious enough to get me a ticket and backstage pass to the show. (Thank you again MJ) I haven't seen these guys since the finale and even then, the chaos that ensued after the show was so great, I barely got a chance to talk to any of them. After I got inside I saw Stacy, MJ's wife, and we said hello. She gave me a pass and took me to see Michael. Dave came out as well and we all chatted for a bit. Dave even gave me a sneak peak at some demos he's working on for the new album! I was so glad to see my boys again. Missed Luke being there, it wasn't quite the same. Carly came out and gave me a big hug, I was so happy to see "Tater". Everyone was still the same as before. Michael had a grin on his face and said "We've got something special for you tonight Yeager.." And Dave started laughing and then Carly.

So I go take my seat and people start whispering and pointing. I still can't get used to that. Both Chikezie and Carly gave a shout out to me during the show! But then the highlight was during the finale group number. Michael kept looking at me saying "just keep watching" and then at the very end of the song everyone did my little move I did on my last night! OMG I about peed my pants watching everyone bow their heads and pound their arms out to the side. That was the most hilarious thing and even though they were obviously making fun, it was so sweet of them to do that for me cuz they love me. And I just was so thankful at that moment to know each and everyone of them. We had the best time after the show joking about it all. I hung out with them as they did meet and greet with the fans. I felt like I should go but Carly insisted I stay. I didn't want to take away from them and the fans. But Carly kept saying "come on!...come outside, its insane out there, its so much fun!" I didn't think people would even care or remember me but the second her and I walked out the doors the fans went nuts! And she gave me a sharpie and there I was walking down a line of people wrapped halfway around the building with screaming fans. People were calling my name and asking about my son Nathan and about what I'm doing....I was speechless. It felt so good! People were like do you do pictures? Do you have time? I was like "of course!" I kept looking over at Carly and she was just signing and looking over at me and smiling...wow! She kept making me do "The move" for the fans so they could take pictures...ugh....lol. But I had a blast and then we went back inside and I walked with everyone to the bus as they loaded up and Carly gave me a slice of cold pizza that was so yummy! Carly, you really did make my night, and MJ, you are still the same great friend you've always been, and Dave, I am so proud of you for staying true to who you are and staying grounded through all of this. This was one of the most memorable nights of my life guys!!! I love you all...thank you so much for making me feel so special last night! What a blessed life I have....

And he uploaded 3 pictures, that are quite small, but cute. :D

3 Horsemen hanging out backstage in Dallas

As Dave said, "Three Horsemen and one horse lover" lol

meet and greet with the fans

I'm so happy for him. :D
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