cookiesr1 (cookiesr1) wrote in jasonyeagerfans,

Idol forums

So now I read (and post) over on Idolforums, and in Jason's thread, he posted something. Thought I would let you guys know. Basically he let everyone know that his myspace and artist page are back up, and he would be happy to talk to anyone about his cd, etc, so maybe we should send him messages about that over there.

Any other Jason related news you guys know of??
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I dunno if it's the real him or not but when I messaged him the other day on myspace I did let him know about the thread since I posted there quite frequently, so I did reply to him on IDF.

How awesome! <3
I think it's the real him...I replied to him over there too. I haven't gotten responses from the messages I've sent so far...