cookiesr1 (cookiesr1) wrote in jasonyeagerfans,

AI tonight

Just watched American Idol, Top 8 guys...

I really miss seeing Jason on this show! I wonder what song he would have chosen if he'd stayed, I do like David C but don't like anyone as much as I did Jason. Also, I've never had a favorite in the Top 24, maybe since I think this is the first season I've seen from the beginning. What did everyone else think about tonight? Who do you like now in the competition?
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My top 3 have always been: Yeager, Archuleta and Castro so I'm pulling for Jason and David now that Yeager's gone.
We can all use our Jason icons! I still like David C, there are some good singers left who I like but I definitely wish Jason was still on...

And now I want to go to Branson...