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Intro post

Does anyone have video of the Top 20 performance? I really liked his performance last night, the dancing, singing, etc although it seems he might be leaving tomorrow night. I don't know why people didn't like it...

And are there mp3 files or anything for that CD he has out? I'd like to hear some of that.

Also, I love that this community is here, I'm 25 and from outside Philadelphia. I was really into Taylor during Season 5 but only from about the Top 4 or so on, sometime around then. I think this is the first American Idol season I've been watching since the beginning. Actually I went to the season 5 American Idol tour twice, got to see Taylor's band perform which was cool. Also mostly listen to classic rock, I like 70's music, and 80's, pretty much everything except country.

I also really want to see Jason at that restaurant he works at now, hear him sing and see what he can do. And I hope we do if he's still around next week on the show. I'd love to see him on the tour this season and meet the guy, seems like such a cool person...And we should get more people in this group...
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I am looking for a downloadable version of the video but for now here it is on Youtube:

I also don't know anything about the CD he has out or any tracks from it cause there doesn't seem to be much of a fanbase online for him yet, but if I see something I'l ltell you and vice versa please.
Thanks, that is right that there doesn't seem to be much of a fanbase around yet. But definitely let us know if you see something about the CD, I will was this one released, anyone know? I'm just remembering Taylor's Cd's but they were released by some company...